Jill Splurges on Clogs, Wears Pajamas to the Club


Jill Young is a 20-year-old comedian who recently moved from Chicago to LA. She’s going to be the next big TV writer—just you wait—and she spends her days going to meetings, filming web series, and generally hustling around the City of Stars. “I need to look professional, but more importantly, I need to look…cool. Does admitting that make me uncool? I don’t care. I also need whatever I’m wearing to be comfortable enough to sit in my car for three hours, because LA traffic? Truly the worst.” Ahead, her traffic-approved, cool-but-not-too favorites.

“These are literally the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased, but they make everything in my closet infinitely cooler. I wear them with jeans to work, with dresses when I’m going out, with leggings to run errands. But my favorite place to wear them is at stand-up gigs. There’s something empowering about a tall shoe, but usually heels make me feel like I’m going to topple over on stage (which I have done!). These actually make me feel more powerful. And you can’t put a price on that. Actually you can, it’s just a lot.”

Buy: NO.6 Alexis cut-out heeled sandals from Farfetch, $325.
FYI: Jill owns size 9, her usual size. They took three wears to break in, and now they’re “buttery soft.”


“If it were up to me, I would wear pajama pants everywhere. Now that I’m no longer in college, that’s apparently not “socially acceptable,” but I’ve found a way around that. (Societal norms are bullsh*t, anyway.) These high-waisted wide-leg pants are basically pajama pants masquerading as a fashion statement. They even have an elastic waist! And pockets! I usually wear them with a cropped tee and a jean jacket (and the aforementioned clogs), but I’ve even worn them to a club with a strappy halter top and platforms and felt like I had pulled off the ultimate prank (because: pajama pants).”

Buy: Huston pull-on crop pants from Madewell, $82. FYI: Jill owns size medium; she usually wears a size 4/medium.

“I like to knot them around my neck when I’m wearing a boring white tee and don’t have the energy to change into something cooler. They make me feel like I stepped out of a Madewell ad, and they cost pennies. I also wear them in my hair when I don’t have time to wash it in the morning, which happens more often than I’d like to admit.”

Buy: Navy bandanna from Amazon, five for $5.
FYI: 100% cotton, and 4 x 4 x 1 inches.


“I know this isn’t going to shock you since I just admitted to wearing pajama pants to a club, but I’m pretty bad at makeup. Lipstick, particularly, is too intimidating for me to even attempt. But this tinted lip balm brightens up my entire face—and I do mean my entire face, because I don’t just use it on my lips. I also dab it on my cheeks and occasionally even my eye lids, and it makes me look not-dead instantly. Alive, even!”

Buy: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm
FYI: Jill swears by the Red Dahlia color, which she promises is “universally flattering.”